Innovation is the source of value creation for the company. The Innovation Management (IM) program at ANCO integrates the best formal education, ongoing research, and industrial practice to provide our managers that sustain superior business performance and meet customer needs. In practice, successful innovation requires cross-functional collaboration across many disciplines.

Value creation
Research team at ALP Nishikawa examining material samples to enhance the durability of automotive seals.

Because of the challenges associated with spanning traditional functional boundaries and interfacing across disciplines, effective management of the innovation process is a key driver of success. The backbone of the IM program at ANCO is an emphasis on cross-functional, end-to-end product development and the integrated systems perspectives needed to conceive, create, launch, and support innovative solutions in rubber & plastic weather shields for automobile, Body building, Non Automotive sectors.

Innovations by ALP Nishikawa

Weight reduction by reducing specific gravity of dense compound from 1.25 to 0.75

Robotic arm efficiently assembling weather strips at ALP Nishikawa, showcasing the integration of automation in seal production.

Cost reduction by replacement of Butile sealant with ultra low specific gravity sponge

Inside ALP Nishikawa's government-approved R&D Center, equipped with advanced technology for developing next-gen automotive seals.

Colored door seals for premium vehicle

ALP Nishikawa engineers collaborating on innovative seal designs to enhance automotive performance.

Corner molding of main seals/ sub seals with thermoplastic for improved productivity

Close-up of a cutting-edge weather strip undergoing rigorous testing at ALP Nishikawa's innovation lab.

Weight reduction by reducing thickness of core metal from 0.5 to 0.35mm

Technician at ALP Nishikawa monitoring real-time data from automated machinery to ensure quality control in seal production.

Cost reduction by replacement of imported aluminium core with special designed CRC Metal in hybrid glass run

Innovative assembly line at ALP Nishikawa, where advanced robotics and skilled technicians work together to produce cutting-edge automotive seals, demonstrating the company's commitment to technological advancement and quality
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