ALP Nishikawa’s R&D Centre at Lalru, Punjab is Govt. recognized wherein all the research & testing activities are conducted starting from Raw Material (Like Polymer, carbon process oil, etc.) to the final parts taking into consideration the global testing standards.

With superior internal testing capabilities, we are able to do majority of the testing in-house, and the remaining testings are being done from accredited external laboratories (NABL or as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005) or using the facilities of the JV, Nishikawa Rubber Company of Japan.

R&D Policy

  • To promote Innovation culture in the company in order to meet & exceed customer’s expectation & Business challenges
  • Reward & recognition
  • Extensive communication


ALP Nishikawa’s 26 Member R&D Team is equipped with highly Educated, experienced & trained personnels to ensure best quality results.

Design & Development

D&D holds primary importance towards assisted and focused growth. For this, ALP Nishikawa has an ultra-modern Design and Development centre with self-invented methodologies for optimal reinforcement of structures, digital design and manufacturing of reinforced rubber products.

The design capabilities are fulfilled with the use of advanced software like Creo Parametric (Pro E), Catia), Abaqus, Hypermesh, AutoCAD, etc. along with facilities for conducting testing and validation checks. The company strives hard for new product development, betterment in existing products, Formulations of newer rubber materials, cost reductions by adopting advanced technology and designing capabilities.

Tool Room

ALP Nishikawa is a completely self-sufficient entity. The principal reason it delivers optimal quality products lies in the company’s strict control on all subsidiary processes. The company has setup a modern tool room assisting in preparation of all cavities and moulds. The tool room is equipped with latest Vertical Milling Centres and EDMs.


Innovation is the source of value creation for the company. The Innovation Management (IM) program at ANCO integrates the best formal education, ongoing research, and industrial practice to provide our managers that sustain superior business performance and meet customer needs. In practice, successful innovation requires cross-functional collaboration across many disciplines.

Value creation

Because of the challenges associated with spanning traditional functional boundaries and interfacing across disciplines, effective management of the innovation process is a key driver of success. The backbone of the IM program at ANCO is an emphasis on cross-functional, end-to-end product development and the integrated systems perspectives needed to conceive, create, launch, and support innovative solutions in rubber & plastic weather shields for automobile, Body building, Non Automotive sectors.

Innovations by ALP Nishikawa

Weight reduction by reducing specific gravity of dense compound from 1.25 to 0.75

Cost reduction by replacement of Butile sealant with ultra low specific gravity sponge

Colored door seals for premium vehicle

Corner molding of main seals/ sub seals with thermoplastic for improved productivity

Weight reduction by reducing thickness of core metal from 0.5 to 0.35mm

Cost reduction by replacement of imported aluminium core with special designed CRC Metal in hybrid glass run

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